Best Drafting Tables Reviews

Studio Designs Comet Center with Stool
Overall Dimensions: 50 in. W x 24 in. D x 29.5 in. - 44.25 in. H at Full Tilt
Top Dimensions: 36"W x 23.75"D
(3) 12.75" x 12.75" Storage Drawers
Stand-Up Desk Store Drawing and Drafting Table
Versatile design
Enhances productivity
User friendly features
Zeny Adjustable Glass Top Drawing Desk
Smart design & durable convenient & mobile
Solid construction & tempered safety glass top
Large capacity & space saving & 2 slide-out drawers

Best drafting tables

When it comes to a subject like drafting tables, the story starts with a ‘once upon a time.’ That is because drafting tables are a thing of the past. Not quite, but we will get to that later. They were a ‘must have’ in every engineering or architecture office all around the world. You probably know the old saying ‘back to the drawing board’ when all ideas have failed.  It is an old item, and unfortunately, few people use it today.

One of the reasons why drafting tables are believed to be heading toward obsolescence is CAD or computer-aided design. It was the middle of the 80s when it first came out, and now Autodesk has one of the best design programs in the world. Evey construction company, architect, designer, and others have at least one version of Autodesk’s AutoCAD. It is not difficult to understand why. The program is intuitive, does all the math for you, and it saves you the trouble of handling a liner and a pencil. Plus, an error means using the undo function, not a whole new set of sketches. However, drafting tables are not ready to become obsolete yet.

The CAD industry is a multi-billion dollars industry, but there is something to be said here. If the drafting tables are marching forward obsolescence, why is the electronics industry producing all sorts of innovative styluses with ultra pressure activation? Because actual sketching and drawing are not dead yet. They probably never will be. I am not saying that you need to use a drafting table to be a skilled designer, but the fact that you know how to sharpen a pencil and how to use it says a lot about your character. There is nothing wrong with using old-fashioned solutions to current issues. Quite the contrary, actually. Some people like traditionalism and a drafting table is precisely that. A traditional way of putting your ideas on paper.

So what is a drafting table?

A drafting table is a table specially designed for engineering and architectural drafting and mechanical drawing. It is made of a leg-support structure that has a variable pitch top so that the user can use it in the most convenient way possible. Drafting tables come in many sizes, and they need to be adjustable. In fact, the top needs to be flexible for better visual perception. While the drafting table was designed for the reasons mentioned above, it can also be used for drawing, crafts, painting, hobbies, or even writing. It is a versatile item, and you can use it as you see fit.

Drafting table buying guide

If you decide that you want to purchase a drafting table, there are a few things you need to consider before you hit the buy button. However, if you take it step by step, you should be able to buy the best drafting table that suits your needs.

Step 1. Measure your space

Drafting tables come in various sizes, and space is the first thing you need to consider. They take a significant amount of space. And remember that the footprint is one thing, but the top covers a larger surface area, so it is best to compare the measurements with the top, and not with the footprint.

If you are limited as far as space is concerned, you can choose a portable drafting table or a foldable drafting table. They are usually smaller and convenient to store when you do not use them. However, what a foldable or foldable model give in space saving, it takes from stability. The four-leg drafting table is the most stable model you can go for, and it will not budge once it is installed. Even so, the two compact models will do pretty well. I just thought you should know that.

Step 2. Think of table top you need

As I mentioned before, the table top covers a more significant area than the bottom. You need to think about what you are going to use the table for and then find the perfect fit. Think of the paper size or how much space you need to work comfortably without handling any clutter. For example, if you work with blueprints, you need a larger model, but if you draw on A3 pieces of paper, an average model will do. Lucky for you table tops come in several sizes that vary from 24 x 36 inches to 35.5 x 72 inches, so your options pool is not small.

Step 3. Adapt the drafting table to your style

There are several kinds of drafting tables, and they each come with their pros and cons. You need to pick the one that fits your needs. To get a clearer picture, take a look at what you can choose from.

  • Four-post drafting tables – these are the sturdiest kind. They are made of wood or metal, but they are the most stable models on the market. The table-tops can reach large sizes. The most significant feature is the stability part. Once you install such a drafting table, it will not budge. It can also support your entire weight if you lean on it. The cons are that they are more expensive than the other types, they are bulkier, and as you can imagine, they take a lot of space. However, if space is not an issue, my advice is to go for one of these.
  • Pedestal drafting tables – these come with a large tiltable to 90 degrees table top, they are adjustable overall, and they are excellent for the office. However, the disadvantages are that once you install one, there is no moving it around, and they are also more expensive than other kinds.
  • Folding drafting tables – just as the title suggests, folding drafting tales can be stored away conveniently. If you have space issues, this is one of the best choices you na make. They are also quite cheap. The cons are that they are not as sturdy as the previous two models, the table tops are smaller, and it is not designed to support heavy use.

Step 4. Do not forget about accessories

Accessories are also an important aspect you need not forget. You can choose from various items such as storage solutions, stools, lighting, and board covers. You can purchase drawers, cabinets, lamps, and whatever else will make your working space more convenient. Think of the ones you need the most and then make up your mind. And with that, you are finished. Happy shopping!

What are the best drafting tables?

Since the market is a vast sea of product, there are plenty of drafting tables you can choose from. Just make sure that you do not rush into a purchase and buy a product randomly. One thing that can help is to read drafting tables reviews online. Search and see what other people bought and read their reviews to see whether or not their purchase met their standards. In the meanwhile, take a look at the products below.

Studio Designs Comet Center with Stool

Click here to buy it on Amazon

If you have plenty of space for a drafting table, then you might as well go with this one. It is a four-post drafting table that is suitable for both your home and the office. It has a large table top that measures 36 inches in width and 23.75 inches in depth. When it is in full tilt, the height is 44.25 inches. It should accommodate most activities, and I am sure you will be satisfied with it.

The Studio Designs drafting table is made of heavy gauge steel for maximum durability and stability. The bottom side features levelers for even more stability, and as a result, you can put your entire body’s weight on this table. It will hold you without any issue. The table top features a 24-inch slide up pencil ledge so that you utensils do not fall off the table.

This drafting table comes with several accessories that I think you will find most useful. There is a side table that you can use to place your items like a laptop, binders, and so on. Underneath the side-table there are three shelves, but you can use them as storage drawers if you like. It is a convenient way to keep your supplies. Lastly, this drafting table also comes with a padded stool.

Stand-Up Desk Store Drawing and Drafting Table

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As opposed to the previous product, this is a pedestal drafting table that you can use both home and at the office. It takes quite a bit of space, but I am sure you can make it work if you really need it. It has a versatile design that allows you to adjust the height of the table, as well as the angle the table-top stays at. You can use it both as a conventional desk, but as a standing up desk as well.

The good thing about this drafting table is that when you use it as a standing up desk, you should be more productive. Standing up increases focus, boosts calorie burn, and it can keep you at bay from the adverse health effects of a sedentary work style.

The table measures 39.2 inches in width and 27.5 inches in depth. The table-top is made of high-quality birchwood, and the frame has a sturdy construction made of robust steel. The durable powder coated finish ensures that this product will maintain its integrity through years of heavy use. At the same time, the Stand-Up Desks Store drafting table has user-friendly features such as oversized thumb screws that allow you to adjust the height and the angle with ease. The extra-large rubber feet ensure stability.

Zeny Adjustable Glass Top Drawing Desk

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While this may not be a drafting table in a conventional way, it can still provide the ideal space for you to draw and sketch, but you can also use it for hobbies and crafts. It features smart design, and it is portable. It has adjustment mechanism for your convenience. You can adjust both the height and the table-top angle.

The solid construction of this products, as well as the tempered safety glass top, will make your activities more enjoyable and comfortable. The heavy gauge steel ensures durability, and as for the glass, you do not need to worry. It is the same kind of glass used for car windshields, so it is pretty resilient.

The Zeny drafting table provides storage space as well. There is a single shelf underneath the desktop, and two slide-out drawers on the side. The 4 wheels will help with portability, but when you use the table, the casters can be locked for more stability. The best thing about this table is that it is versatile. It measures 41.25 inches in width and 24 inches in depth. It should more than enough for what you plan on doing with this table. The height is adjustable from 31.5 inches to 49.5 inches.

My recommendation

In my opinion, all three products are able to satisfy your needs. You can do pretty much everything you want on these drafting tables. However, if I were you, I would go with the Stand-Up Desk Store Drawing and Drafting Table. It has the most beautiful design, it is sturdy, and it is large enough for you to do your work. I think it is one of the best drafting tables you can find in this price range.


A drafting table can be a very useful piece of furniture at the office, as well as at home. Designers, for example, take their work at home all the time, which makes this product a must for them. I am sure that one of the products above is more than suitable for you, and no matter which one you choose, you will be able to do your job conveniently and comfortably. Click here to buy on Amazon

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